• Education

Over the years, governments at various levels have concentrated on providing classrooms for the students in the rural communities. However, the inability of the teachers to live and teach within the rural communities has hindered the efforts of the authorities in uplifting educational level in these communities. Studies have shown that in unavailability of standard accommodation for living within communities is one of the factors that discourages teachers from going to live in these rural areas.

As a pilot program, the Alkali Hussaini Foundation has constructed 2 units of 4 bedroom staff quarters at Madadi in Gwandu Local Government Area of Kebbi State. This is with a view to attracting qualified teachers to live within the community. Recreational facilities such as badminton court, table tennis and a common room equipped with sofas and television are in the process of being provided for their relaxation. A bore hole has been dug for the provision of water to the premises and electricity generating set has been provided to provide power.

As a result of this gesture National Youth Service Corp Members are now willing to stay in Madadi village for their service year by teaching at the primary school. Efforts are being geared towards providing the same structure and facilities in other rural communities in Kebbi State. A study will be conducted to assess the full impact of this on the level of education of the students, so as to act as a basis for future planning by stakeholders.