TY Danjuma Foundation Partnership

  • The Alkali Hussaini Foundation was identified by the TY Danjuma foundation as a partner for growth as part of their Integrated support in Education and Vocational Skills Development (IN-SEVD).
  • The foundation provided the structures and personnel while the funds provided by the TY Danjuma Foundation went towards equipment and training facilities.


  • ICARE: Increasing Care Seeking Behaviour in the illness of Children less than 5years of age (DIARRHOEA)
  • This is the first Donor Funded programme being executed by the Foundation. It’s a $30,000 simplified grant award for a period of one year, renewable for another two years.
  • Alkali Hussaini Foundation is a sub-guarantee while Pact Nigeria is the Guarantee of the Programme. Currently, the project is only in Kebbi and Benue State. The Foundation oversees B/Kebbi and Jega Local Governments.
  • Pact Nigeria has helped in building the Foundation’s capacity through training and workshops in the following areas:
  • Proposal Development
  • Grant Finance and Admin Training (GFAT)
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL)
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA/OPI)
  • Baseline Assessment Training (BLAT)

Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development

Our work in our primary area of activities-women development especially training of women in the following skills: tailoring, knitting, adult literacy, and empowerment caught the attention of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs who as a result of its appreciation and confidence entrusted the management of its Multi-Purpose Skills Acquisition Training Centre to the Foundation for a period of 3 years.


Federal Ministry of Agriculture

  • In its efforts to help empower women and youths in our communities, the Foundation facilitates and finances the participation of our women and youths in the programs of the Federal Government such as
  • Women in Agriculture (World Bank Supported)
  • Youth for Agriculture (Federal Ministry of Agriculture)

Almanar Partnership