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Empower A Child With Literacy

₦ 0 of ₦ 9 million raised

The problems in Nigeria are far beyond the government to handle all by itself, especially the insecurity situation in the country. There are a lot of insurgent groups emerging today under different names threatening the peace, security, wealth, and lives of Nigerians. Due to these groups’ heinous acts and threats, a lot of activities surrounding the country’s development and economy building; businesses, farming, etc. have been interrupted putting us in a dire situation to the point that most Nigerians today, are finding it difficult to feed daily hence, claiming the lives of many and making many to resolve to theft for survival. It is a known fact that whenever poverty increases in any society, the rate of crimes goes up. For this reason, we decided to hold our hands no more because we believe for Nigeria to be great again as soon as possible, it needs collective efforts from all its citizens. And this begins with uplifting those left behind by the system; the out-of-school children, orphans, street hawkers, street beggars, etc.

At Alkali Hussaini Foundation, we believe the best way to empower people is to equip them with the skills that would help them be self-reliant. We also believe that education is the only way to save our young generation from becoming liabilities and threats to society just like what the Boko haram group and the bandits have become. Education also is the only tool we have got to teach them about the importance of having a peaceful and thriving society, the importance of diversity and how we should co-exist peacefully, and also our rights and responsibilities as citizens. For this, we came up with a program where individuals are able, to sponsor those that are not able, to go to school. The program is called ‘empower a child with literacy’.

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