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Unlocking Growth In SMEs

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A lot of Nigerian youths are seated at home jobless. Most of them have gone through the required education that should earn them good-paying jobs but, unfortunately, Nigeria has no capacity to employ a large number of its educated youths and due to this a lot of the youths resolve to criminal activities like cybercrimes, business scamming, drugs and human trafficking, kidnapping and armed robbery. Nigeria will never know peace unless it keeps its youths in the labor market.

Entrepreneurship we discovered is one of the fastest ways to resolve this problem. In 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan, launched a scheme called Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) to help Nigerian youths start up their small businesses to resolve unemployment and also, bridge the unemployment gap in the country. We witnessed how that initiative gave many young Nigerians opportunities to rise and establish their businesses also, employing many to support them in operating their businesses.

This initiative introduced an employment chain where those that were fortunate to win the grants, employed many unemployed Nigerians. With the unemployment rate rising daily, we are proposing that Alkali Hussaini Foundation adopts this excellent innovative concept to help create jobs that would hopefully downsize the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

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